Recent Projects

Besides the two major projects if the past few years (Metro line 4 and Central Wastewater Treatment Plant) Novoproject also worked as technical supervisors on two luxury 11-apartment condo developments in Budapest, the first Porsche saloon and service station in Hungary as well as the 89 -apartment Simplon Court in Újbuda.

From 2011 NovoProject acted as FIDIC engineer and technical supervisor in the construction of the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant project and related facilities as a subcontractor.

Later on the company has been involved in the reconstruction of the Heroe’s temple of the Dohány street Great Synagogue in Budapest, in the expansion of the Liget Wellness and Conference Hotel Szarvas, the Natural Meat meat-processing plant in Törökszentmiklós, in the construction of the Bábolna cold-store and the Jász-Tész cold store in Nagyréde and the due diligence review of the engineering systems of Buda Plaza… atc.

Our Hungarian and international engagements of many decades extends to numerous fields of the economy and covers many types of activities, all of which may not be fully introduced here but we are ready to provide a comprehensive list of references on request.